A identification document storage platform serving the homeless community in Philadelphia. is currently in beta testing with 2 organizations in Philadelphia.

Project Type
March 2021 - Sept. 2021
Product Designer

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My Time at

Designing a usable client interface for those experiencing homelessness.

I worked as a Product Designer at, a non-profit organization that aims to build a safety net around experienced homelessness by providing electronic document storage and complementary features. There, I worked on many different projects ranging from redesigning our website to creating client interface related flows.

While at, I signed an NDA. If you are interested in learning more about my work here, please feel free to contact me!


Working on Cross-Functional Teams

Working at was my first experience collaborating with PMs and SWEs in a cross-functional setting. This experience exposed me to what it’s like to tackle my role as a Product Designer while also putting myself in the shoes of PMs and SWEs.

For example, many of my early designs included designs that would make intricate programs that would be difficult for SWEs to create. While I didn’t understand these issues at first, SWEs and PMs helped me better understand why certain designs wouldn’t be feasible. Overall, being a Product Designer at helped me learn how I can make a realistic product for the user and one that PMs and SWEs can realistically program.

From Brainstorms to Beta Testing

Before this experience, most of my design experience came from personal projects, school projects, and designations which consisted of projects that weren’t fully fulfilled. At, however, I truly saw my designs come to life.

During my time as a Product Designer, our product was able to receive various funding and undergo beta testing. Designs that started out as simple wireframes became live screens that users used in beta testing and beyond. At the time of this case study, I’m proud to say that has partnered with 2 organizations in the Philadelphia region.